Sam's First Goal - The Making Of

This is a compilation of all the effort it has taken Sam to score his first goal in soccer this year. It was his first ever season, and they are small, 4 on 4 games. He had lots of near misses, and breakaways.Cast: Erik BriggsTags: Soccer and […]

Introducing the backyard game of "Frisbee, Shield, Sword"

Similar, perhaps, to “Knifey spoony,” “Frisbee, Shield, Sword” is a game for all ages, depending on levels of bravery. This game can be played by as little as two, and scale up massively, given the right circumstances. There are no points involved, […]

Sam's First Soccer Game

This was just yesterday (Aug. 23, 2011). It was Sam’s first soccer game. We learned some important lessons and had a lot of fun. It was great that Grandma was in town to see it too. Now she has seen Father and Son play soccer in Utah.Cast: Erik […]

Sam’s Bike Riding – update

So, the last I knew was his first ride video. I came home a couple of days later and Annelise told me he wanted to show me something. I went outside and turned on the video. I hope you don’t get motion sick, because if you do, this video is going […]

Sam and Owen dancing, Shawn the Sheep style

They were watching the end of a Shawn the Sheep episode, when this dance came on. They both did it once, so I rewound with again and pulled out my phone to get this video. We’re not sure where he got these moves from. The last move is the […]

Emmett’s First Bath

Here he is just 5 days old.Cast: Erik BriggsTags: Bath, Baby and […]

Sam’s First Bike Ride

Also at 4 years old. Sam did this the day I came home with a $5 bike from the thrift store. His normal bike (with training wheels) had a flat and nobody sells tubes for 10″ tires. I decided he should have some balance, so let ‘er rip. This is what […]

Sam’s First At-Bat Ever

Here he is at 4 years old in his first At-Bat at his first T-Ball game. Not bad eh?Cast: Erik BriggsTags: T-Ball, Baseball and […]

Prototype Progress Aug 1, 2010

This is the latest progress I have made since starting to rebuild my game prototype from the ground up about 6 weeks ago. My focus now is going to move to the level editor, which will be shown off in a later video. This is using XNA 3.1, Farseer […]

Prototype Progress – May 2, 2009

I was finally able to find my problem. The MPE developer had to make a patch to give me the functionality that I needed. My fire block now looks like its on fire, which is nice. I also added some rain particle effects as well.Cast: Erik BriggsTags: […]