Becky, would one of these work for Tyler?

It works for Sam.  Let me know and I can bring extra when we come visit.  It just might work …

Hey, wait a sec, I can’t get out:

She did let him out eventually:

 Don’t want to post twice, so I’ll let this one sit for a couple days before I post my take on last week.

Annelise Shmanelise

What is his/her name? Annelise Whitby Briggs

How long have you been together? Since 2002, so 6 years.

How long did you date? It could be argued that we really only ever went on a few dates. We really just “hung out” every day for months on end. […]

New camera, nice kitties.

So, Annelise and I didn’t tell you?!? We went on a safari! We saw some Lions from the car, and then decided to get out. Guess what happened next?

Sam made friends with one of them. He really seemed to take a […]

What’s wrong with this picture?

For all of you who were there, does this photo look altered at all?  For those of you who weren’t there, see if anything looks off.

So, to “fill” you in (pun intended), this is the different photo.  Can you see anything in this second photo that looks like the first?  I’ll give you a […]

Fact Checkers Unit – hilarious video

So, here is a funny video I came across last night. This is a good one. Apparently these two guys have their own site and are up for an indie award on HBO comedy or something like that.

FCU with Bill Murray

New Job offer, one minor catch

So, I got asked to apply for a job paying 144k per year. Sounds pretty good right? See if you can spot the catch:

I’m e-mailing you regarding your resume. I’m a
recruiter for <recruiting firm>, we are a government
contract company and we are looking for Tagalog translators
who are citizens or own a […]

New theme finally (almost) ready

So, I decided that I may eventually use this for a portfolio site for my work (art stuff).  I figured that I needed to make a good looking theme, something that wasn’t copycat from some other site (ie. something completely original).  Since I have been teaching myself web development for a couple of years now, I […]


So, Im testing to see whether the frontpage ( is working according to plan.  It is supposed to display the latest post from each blog (each family-member’s blog) on the front page.  It has links to take you to that blog or that particular post.  Here goes nothing.  I’ll comment on myself if it works.

Lambert, the Sheepish Lion

I was singing this tune for Samuel, so I had to find it.

The Geico caveman-in-airport song revealed!

I loved it so I had to go find it. Here it is:
Its “Remind Me” from Royksopp, a Norwegian band.