My new(est) hobby: Slot Cars!

So, since Jared has got me into watching Top Gear, I have started paying attention to cars a little bit more. With Annelise getting a new kitchen (sorta, see the previous post entitled “Welcome Home!”) and carpet and paint, I figured it was my turn. Last year’s tax return went to bills, the […]

Jalbum album

So now that the new webhost is up and running, I decided to check out some galleries. I have played with a number of them before, but decided to start my search from scratch again. The one that I had played with before was not super user-friendly, and wasn’t easy to integrate into the blogging […]

Geex Report


So I figured I needed to jot down my thoughts on my opportunity from a week ago. I’ve had a chance to look back and even rewatch myself to see how I did. For those of you who don’t know me well (probably all of you reading this), I don’t get […]

Video(s) of my presentation at GEEX

Well, since its so late, I won’t bother writing my experience just yet. I just finished getting all these things cleaned up and uploaded. Time for bed. Beware of the audio quality. There wasn’t much we could do to fix that. 🙁

How to Make Your Own Game – Part 1 […]

I am speaking at a Gaming Expo in SLC in July!

Next month I am going to speak at an upcoming GEEX (Gaming & Electronics Expo) here in Utah. The topic will be about hobbyist game development:

I have a 2-hour time slot to fill, and plan on sharing all my experience from the last 3.5 years working on Project Wish. It should be beneficial to anyone […]