Introducing the backyard game of "Frisbee, Shield, Sword"

Similar, perhaps, to “Knifey spoony,” “Frisbee, Shield, Sword” is a game for all ages, depending on levels of bravery. This game can be played by as little as two, and scale up massively, given the right circumstances. There are no points involved, just fighting to the death (that’s all!).

Although it should be self-explanatory from the name, make sure you have an ample supply of shields, swords and frisbees. You will see why.

Also, armor can be added, depending on the “enthusiasm” used by the players.

Cast: Erik Briggs

Tags: Backyard fun, games, swords, shields and frisbees

1 comment to Introducing the backyard game of "Frisbee, Shield, Sword"

  • Linda (Grandma B)

    I know 3 little boys who are so lucky to have parents who play and engage with them.  That looked like so much fun and so many good memories being made!!

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